"Ferrari" floating thermometer from Italy

Floating thermometer for measuring water temperature, with easy-to-read scale. Free of mercury.

Item number: E-2289
Product weight: 10 g
Shipping Weight: 100 g


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This simple, floating thermometer is made out of glass and has a measuring fluid which is free of mercury. The easy-to-read scale between 0 and 45 degrees celcius makes it suitable for measuring the temperature of all liquids.

This floating thermometer is intended for measuring the temperature of bathwater, but it it also does a good job in hot dishwater or other liquids which may be too hot.

We use the floating thermometer during distillation for measuring the cooling water temperature, during mashing in order to determine the optimal mash temperature before yeast is added, and during fermentation.  

  • Easy-to-read scale from 0 to 40°
  • Scale in celsius und fahrenheit
  • Green markings for optimal temperature 
  • Special safety glass
  • EU brand quality from Italy  

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