"Vaello" paella gas burner Paella (60 cm), three rings

Extra large outdoor gas burner with three independently regulated burner rings. Ideal for paella pans and pots with a diameter of 62 cm and more.

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Product weight: 4400 g
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   Original Spanish paella gas burner for large paella pans. This ring burner with an impressive 60 cm diameter comes from Vaello, the Spanish original. These large gas burners are used daily there for preparing the famous paella because they distribute the heat evenly and effectively. This burner has 3 rings which can be independently regulated and turned on and off as needed. If only the inner ring of this large paella gas burner is used, small pans, pots or stills can be used on it

   Please note that this gas burner was designed for the weight of a large paella pan with a diameter of 60 cm or more. However, large cauldrons or pots are significantly heavier than a pan! This paella burner is suitable for heating large copper cauldrons or stills, but needs a solid foundation. We recommend constructing a cooking area out of bricks or using a sturdy iron stand if working with weights of more than a paella pan. We would be pleased to forge an appropriate stand for this gas burner for you.


  • two versions available: threaded screw connection (R 3/4'')
  • 3 independently regulated gas rings
  • Suitable for propane & butane gas
  • EU name brand quality - the Spasnish original
  • For paella pans of up to 1 meter , for outdoor use

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