"Prestige" absinthe essence Pro - 20 ml

20 ml absinthe aroma essence containing thujone - sufficient for producing 0,75 liters of self-made absinthe.

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"Prestige" absinthe essence Pro - 20 ml essence for 0,75 liters of absinthe

   Premium quality essence from Sweden for 0,75 liters of professional quality absinthe. Now even better!    

Ingredients: Natural flavors from 22 herbs, including absinthe and anise. Citric acid E330, coloring agent E104, E123 and E131. Natural thujone about 25 mg per bottle. Contents: 20 ml.  

Preparation: Alcohol 96% or 60% or 40% vol., preferably tasteless alcohol, sugar and some water, preferably soft, e.g. distilled water. You have different possibilities, since high-proof absinthe can also be used. First decide which alcohol content your absinthe should have (usually between 45% and 75% vol.). In addition you can vary between sweet and less sweet, according to your own liking! First mix alcohol and water in a container with a wide opening. Add the water to the alcohol while stirring, not all at once, but in small amounts (not the other way around!). Then pour the alcohol into a 1 liter bottle and add the essence and sugar. Mix everything thoroughly.

  • Abinthe essence in professional quality 
  • Contains 25 mg thujone
  • 20 ml = sufficient for 0,75 liters 
  • Make your own genuine absinthe 

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