Reinforced Iron Stand for 35 cm gas burners

With protective paint (black colour) and reinforced for the safe handling of large cookware or distilling systems.

Item number: E-3163
Product weight: 6690 g
Shipping Weight: 7400 g


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Reinforced Iron Stand for Paella gas burner 35 cm

Iron stand: Sturdy reinforced iron stand with protective coating (black colour) for pots, cauldrons or distilling apparatuses. Delivery includes only the iron stand. The 35 cm gas burner from our assortment has to be ordered separately.

Smaller distillers, cauldrons and pots can be used on ceramic cooktops. Larger cookware requires open fire, a camping cooker or a gas burner with reinforced stand for a safe handling.

  • "Vaello" reinforced iron stand for 35 cm gas burners
  • Extra sturdy, handforged
  • Secure stand for heavy pots and cauldrons
  • With protective lacquer (black colour)

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