Copper pan / frying pan (20 cm) with handles "CopperGarden®"

Practical copper pan for frying and serving. Indestructible copper quality from the CopperGarden forge - tin-plated, food-safe.

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"CopperGarden®" copper pan / frying pan (20 cm) with handles

This copper pan is suitable for all dishes because of the food-safe tin-plating. Even if you use lemon or other acidic substances the copper remains protected. It is ideal for all experts in the kitchen (and those who want to be!) who want to enjoy the benefits of the unbelievable features of copper.   

   The frying pan provides all the advantages of copper, like a much better heat conductivity.  

  • 20 cm copper pan / frying pan, tin-plated
  • Space-saving due to handles on the side
  • Bottom diameter: ca. 16 cm
  • Robust and indestructible 
  • Tin-plated, food-safe 

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