"CopperGarden®" 20 Liter Column Still

This wonderful "CopperGarden®" column still is the most versatile of all stills. It can do everything, looks great, and always delivers the best results. A still for every purpose, completely handcrafted with copper, with lots of love and expertise. A friend for life! Important to know: With a simple registration at the customs in DE, AT, and CH, this still is allowed for private individuals as well!

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"CopperGarden®" 20 Liter Column Still

This extremely versatile still can do it all, as it is equipped with a large removable column with an integrated sieve made of polished copper. You can choose to distill with or without the wonderful column attachment. We supply the still with the over 20 liter capacity durably soldered three-part distillation boiler, the perfectly matching column with a volume of approximately 8 liters and the integrated sieve, the beautifully shaped aroma cap with the welded tapering goose neck (swan neck attachment), an additional distance tube for height compensation, and the generously sized cooling pot with water inlet and outlet for cooling water.

The "CopperGarden®" column still is extremely versatile and is excellent for distilling plant water and essential oils of the highest quality through the process of hydro-distillation with water. Simply fill the column up to the top with your choice of plant material. For your safety, we recommend adding a piece of copper mesh as an accessory and bending it into the top of the cap in front of the goose neck to prevent any plant materials from entering and clogging the tube. Simply fill the distillation boiler about two-thirds full with water and heat it up quickly. Once it starts to boil, the steam will rise through your plant material, collecting essential oils, fragrances, flavors, and other substances, until it reaches the condenser where it is cooled with cold water and collected in a container.

Without the attached column, you can also distill delicate and sticky materials like rose petals directly from the boiler and, for example, produce fresh, high-quality rose water.

Of course, the still can also distill alcohol in various ways. Prior to steam distillation, you can fill the column with your choice of flavoring agent, such as juniper berries with your favorite spices, and produce excellent, authentic London dry gins using neutral alcohol. The column is more suitable than any other still for flavoring alcohol, making it ideal for spirit production.

You can also fill the column with Raschig rings or small glasses and produce extremely high-proof and flavor-neutral alcohol. This way, you can obtain wonderfully clear vodkas, Korn, grain spirits, or other alcohols purified from all impurities, which can be used as a base for spirit production.

And if you want to distill your own mash? Simply remove the column and produce wonderfully aromatic fruit brandies, as well as whisky and brandy, through a short steam path.

As you can see, there are thousands of possibilities, depending on what is allowed or desired. You should just know one thing: the still is subject to declaration! Privately, you are not allowed to distill alcohol in Germany or Switzerland, and in Austria you are only allowed to distill essential oils, hydrosols, or spirits using purchased and taxed alcohol. If you have any questions, we are here to help. You are welcome to admire this still in our exhibition and compare it with other models and sizes.


What are the advantages of the 20 Liter "CopperGarden®" column still?

  • Best EU brand quality from the "CopperGarden®" manufacture in Portugal = Produced and tested with much love and expertise
  • 100% lead-free processing = Free from heavy metals | Vegan production without animal products | CO2-neutral fast shipping from the center of Germany
  • Extremely versatile still with column and integrated aroma sieve = Ideal for distilling hydrosols, essential oils, various types of alcohol, and fuels
  • 20 Liter distillation boiler = Perfect handy size. Can be shipped, stored, and set up without any additional effort. (Also works great in the kitchen)
  • Elaborately three-part welded distillation boiler for extreme stress even with daily commercial use. Very durable sustainable quality for a lifetime.
  • You will quickly become familiar with the still and its many possibilities and enjoy its high quality. An instruction manual for getting started is always included.
  • Can be used privately with a simple registration at customs. In Germany it is sufficient to write a letter to customs within 3 days, stating who you are and what and where you would like to distill.

<h2>Destillatio Warranty &amp; Guarantee</h2> <p>In addition to the statutory warranty, Destillatio offers you a full two-year dealer's guarantee on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio warranty statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>"CopperGardenu00ae" 20 Liter Column Still</h1> <p><b>Important to know:&nbsp;</b>Allowed for private individuals with a simple registration at customs in DE, AT, and CH!</p> <ul> <li>"CopperGardenu00ae" 20 Liter Column Still</li> <li>Alembic still with removable copper column</li> <li>The most versatile of all stills: Can be used with or without the column</li> <li>Perfectly shaped distillation cap with gradually tapering goose neck (swan neck combination)</li> <li>Comes with generously sized worm condenser with water inlet and outlet</li> <li>Comes with a distance tube for height compensation if you want to place the still decoratively</li> <li>Tapered goose neck with safety screw at the transition from the goose neck to the condenser (to prevent pressure buildup!)</li> <li>Material: Copper with handles and fittings made of brass, and a forged tiltable stand made of lacquered iron</li> <li>Precise craftsmanship: All components perfectly matched in all dimensions</li> <li>With lacquered iron tiltable stand for swiveling the column sideways</li> <li>For the production of hydrosols and essential oils with aroma column (steam distillation) or directly from the boiler</li> <li>For the production of pomace brandy (grappa, marc, orujo, raki, etc...)</li> <li>For the production of high proof spirits (vodka, grain-based spirits, neutral alcohol) with a column filled with Raschig rings</li> <li>For the production of wine and fruit brandies as well as whisky and calvados</li> <li>For the production of gin and liqueurs (flavoring alcohol with aroma column)</li> <li>Best EU brand quality, individually handcrafted and tested with great love and expertise</li> <li>100% lead-free processing = free from heavy metals</li> <li>Vegan production without animal products</li> <li>Handmade in the "CopperGardenu00ae" manufacture in Portugal</li> <li>Dimensions: Width approx. 730 mm, Depth approx. 380 mm, Height approx. 970 mm</li> <li>Nominal capacity 20 liters (measured at the prototype: 21.8 liters)</li> <li>Boiler bottom diameter: 28 cm</li> <li>Copper weight: approx. 8.5 kg</li> <li>Shipping weight: 12.5 kg</li> <li>Fast shipping from the center of Germany</li> <li>Can be viewed in our exhibition in Eiterfeld near Bad Hersfeld and compared with other sizes and models</li> <li>Material: Copper = Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antimagnetic</li> <li>Hydrosols distilled in copper have a longer shelf life</li> <li>Alcohol distilled in copper tastes better (copper binds hydrogen sulfide)</li> <li>Uses: Distillation of brandy &amp; beer schnapps, distillation of your own mash &amp; whisky, flavoring alcohol, spirit production, pomace, educational purposes, demonstrations, decoration, high-quality steam distillation of essential oils and hydrosols, distilled water, fuels</li> </ul>

<h2>Are you allowed to distill with a 20 liter still?</h2> <p><strong>Germany:</strong> This still is subject to double declaration requirements in Germany. This means that you are allowed to purchase and use this still as a private individual for the distillation of essential oils and hydrosols. You do not need a permit, but you must register your purchase with the customs office responsible for you within three days. A simple letter with your address and an explanation of what and where you intend to distill (no alcohol!) is sufficient. As a seller, we are also obliged to register your purchase with our customs office in Gieu00dfen (Hesse) within three days, which we do.</p> <p><strong>Austria &amp; Switzerland:</strong> This still is also subject to declaration requirements in Austria and Switzerland, and it is not allowed for private use in distilling alcohol. However, there is a difference: we must also declare the sale in Austria, but not in Switzerland. For shipments to Switzerland (like all EU countries), we must attach a copy of the invoice to the outside of the package so that Swiss customs can properly calculate and invoice their taxes and fees for import. Often, no one notices during shipping and customs clearance with DHL that it is a declarable still. Nevertheless, according to the law, you are still obliged to declare the still and are not allowed to privately distill alcohol, and we promised Swiss customs to explain this to all customers in Switzerland.</p> <p><strong>European Union:</strong> Thanks to the liberal EU internal trade law, we are allowed to ship to all EU countries from Germany without customs declaration. Please check the laws in your home country. If you order this still from us, we can ship it to you within a few days without any formalities as a GLS or DHL package.</p> <p><strong>Worldwide shipping:</strong> For shipments outside the EU, we are obliged to attach a copy of the invoice to the outside of the package so that customs in your home country can properly calculate and invoice their fees and taxes. Please check before purchasing this still whether you are allowed to own and use it in your home country. In most cases, shipping is not a problem, but some countries have strict laws against owning a still. We can ship the still, but we cannot take responsibility for the authorities and their actions in your home country.</p> <p>If you would like to place an order and your country is not listed in our country list for shipping address, please contact us at info@destillatio.com. There may be shipping issues, but perhaps we can find a solution together or explain the shipping issue with your country.</p> <h2>Important to know:</h2> <p>In Germany and Austria, stills with a capacity of up to two liters are not subject to declaration, and in Switzerland, sieve stills with a capacity of up to three liters can be purchased without reporting requirements.</p> <p>Click here for a selection without reporting requirements: <a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/destille/destillen-zur-herstellung-aetherischer-oele-und-hydrolate/meldefreie-destillen-in-de-at-ch-fuer-aetherische-oele-kaufen" name="meldefreie Destillen bei Destillatio" target="_blank" title="Destillatio's stills without reporting requirements">meldefreie Destillen bei Destillatio</a></p>

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