"CopperGarden®" parrot spout with adapter

This parrot spout fits most stills and is used for measuring the alcohol content with an alcoholmeter during distillation.

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Product weight: 400 g
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"CopperGarden®" parrot spout with adapter

Parrot spout: The CopperGarden® parrot spout is fitted onto the condenser and enables you to measure the percentage of alcohol during distillation. It is not only interesting to observe this during distillation, but it is also a real help in separating the tails efficiently and at the right time.

This parrot spout has a weight of over 300 grams of copper and is food-safe soldered.  Due to both the adapters which are included in the delivery it is possible to fit the parrot spout onto almost all stills between 3 and 30 liters (diameter of pipe between 11mm and 44mm) – as a last resort, you can use Teflon tape for a proper fit.

Please note that the parrot spout has a volume of about 200 ml, and that some of the distillate is needed for the alcoholmeter to measure the alcohol content. It stands to reason that it only makes sense to use it with larger stills; the expected amount of alcohol from a 1 or 2 liter still is too meagre for measuring with it. In this situation we recommend that you use a graduated measuring glass.

  • Delivered with different adapters
  • The inside diamters of the adapters are: 20 mm, 16 mm and 13 mm.
  • Fits most stills (upwards of 5 liters)  
  • Sophisticated construction by EU manufacturer  
  • Brand name quality 

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