Tilt stand / framework for up to 650 liters

Wrought iron reinforcement and protection framework mounted on the side of the copper boiler to roll over the boiler for easier emptying. Only in combination with a still as a special order!

Item number: E-3675
Product weight: 15000 g
Shipping Weight: 14000 g


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Tilt stand / framework for up to 650 liters

   A wrought iron framework which is mounted on the side of the copper boiler to enable safe and easy tilting of the boiler for emptying. Emptying and cleaning smaller stills is not a problem, but handling a large alembic can prove to be difficult. Bits and pieces lying on the floor can damage the copper walls by pressing into the copper sheeting.

   This framework makes tilting the boiler easy and it protects the alembic from damage at the same time. For alembics from 450 to 650 liters – but it can only be ordered together with a still as an accessory and is custom mounted on that particular still by the coppersmith.

  • Wrought iron framework / stand
  • Protection for boiler
  • Individually mounted
  • Can only be ordered with still

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