Mini corker "Simplex"

Cork a bottle with one karate chop – safely close all wine bottles and have fun doing it.

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Mini corker "Simplex"

The Simplex corker from Ferrari: an especially easy to use corking device – ideal for closing already opened or self-filled bottles. Functions without a problem on all commercial wine bottles and corks.  

How to use: Place the lower part of the device on the bottle, push in the cork and then put on the upper part. And now a strong karate chop with the hand (or strike it with a rubber mallet) and the cork sits tightly. For safe and easy handling pay special attention to small corks.

It does not only close wine bottles, it is also fun! 

  • Simplex from Ferrari 
  • It does not get any easier
  • Close bottles with one hit
  • For wine bottles & corks 

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