"CopperGarden®" Copper cauldron/witches' cauldron, 20 L tin-lined

"CopperGarden®" Copper cauldron for restaurants and larger events with tin-coating for safe use and storage of foods and drinks

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"CopperGarden®" Copper cauldron/witches' cauldron, 20 L tin-lined

 A new masterpiece from the "CopperGarden®" forge, lovingly handcrafted and in superb quality.

We present the latest "CopperGarden®" copper cauldron. This cauldron is tin-lined and is therefore also suitable for storing foods and drinks (e.g. Feuerzangenbowle) for a longer period of time, because lemon & orange or white wine contains acid and can attack bare copper! Also suitable for catering for public events.

  • tin-coated copper cauldron
  • ​food-safe tin-coating
  • dimensions: H 26 cm, W 34 cm, diamter (top) 27 cm
  • weight: 4 kg

<h2>"CopperGardenu00ae" copper kettle 20L, tin-lined</h2> <p>Copper kettle made of bare copper</p> <p>-With reinforcement and carrying handle made of wrought iron<br />-Very stable, can be hung over the fireplace for cooking<br />-Heat resistant for cooking on fire, in embers, on grill or gas stove<br />-Works also on electric stove in case of need (with some limitations)<br />-Made for you with love and expertise<br />-Honest handwork from European manufacture<br />-Vegan production without animal products<br />-100% lead-free processing<br />-Copper with at least 80% recycled content (conflict-free copper)<br />-CO2 neutralized shipping directly from our own warehouse in the Rhu00f6n region<br />-Very durable = very sustainable<br />-Height without eyelets: 26.5 cm<br />-Height with eyelets: 30 cm<br />-Width: 37 cm<br />-Diameter kettle bottom: 22 cm<br />-Diameter kettle belly: 36 cm<br />-Boiler opening diameter: 28 cm<br />-Weight: 3 kg<br />-Handle &amp; eyelets made of black painted wrought iron</p> <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> The kettle should not be heated up dry.<br />Please add water or oil and other ingredients before heating it up</p>

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