"CopperGarden®" 29 cm mixing bowl, copper

Ideal to use for beating egg whites, cream, mousse, hollandaise and different kinds of sauces.

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CopperGarden® Copper Mixing Bowl 29 cm 

Hemispherical mixing bowl made of bright copper with a handle on the side for holding. This large whisk bowl with a diameter of 29 cm is ideal for all professionals in the art of cooking, of course especially for those who can and still want to stir by hand.

   The perfect hand mixing bowl for whipped egg whites, cream and sauces, for all kinds of sweets (sweets and chocolate!) or simply for melting butter. With a handle and semi-circular base, the bowl is perfect for any whisk. Can also be heated on a gas flame or in a bain-marie.

In bright copper, whipped egg whites and hot or cold stirred sauces are guaranteed to turn out much better.

Note: The pictures show the smaller version

  • pure copper with brass handle
  • 29 cm diameter, height: 12 cm
  • "CopperGarden®" EU brand quality
  • ​hemispherical to perfectly use with egg beaters

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