"CopperGarden®" 12 cm stew pan with handles - tinned

The perfect pan for one or two fried eggs. Very high quality design with beaded edge for extra stability and suitable for all foods. A sustainable purchase for a lifetime.

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"CopperGarden®" 12 cm stew pan with handles

Very versatile extra small copper pan for one or two eggs, for example. Of course, thanks to the perfect thermal conductivity of copper, you can also fry, stew, simmer and bake everything. Copper is the most popular material in fine dining as well as in camping or in the camp kitchen for good reason. This pan can do everything and you will soon love it and won't want to fry with any other pan.

Thanks to the high-quality coating made of pure tin, this pan is suitable for all dishes and all types of preparation while maintaining the high thermal conductivity of the copper. A great pan from EU manufacture, which can be polished up again and again if necessary, re-tinning at low cost. An acquisition for life!

  • "CopperGarden®" extra small traditionally hand-forged copper pan in heavy quality with 12 cm diameter and brass handles on the sides
  • Side handles save space = only for use on gas stoves, on a grill and over fire
  • Sustainably produced for you within Europe with traditional processes and a lot of love and expertise.
  • Copper offers the best thermal conductivity of all materials, thanks to the tin-plating this is retained. Antimagnetic 
  • EU manufacture, production without animal products
  • Heavy copper quality like from another time. Sustainable: can be tinned again and again = a valuable purchase for life

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