"Rommelsbacher" Travel Cooktop ø8 cm | 500 Watt Stainless Steel

Long-term bestseller from Rommelsbacher. We can wholeheartedly recommend this perfect mini cooktop. We have been using it for our own demonstrations without any problems for over 10 years. You will receive the best and tested quality from German manufacturing. Certainly, this travel cooktop is the best small cooktop on the market.

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"Rommelsbacher" RK 501 Travel Cooktop with 500 Watt Power

We love this extra small travel cooktop from Germany because of its compact size and strong power of 500 watts. Additionally, it can be continuously adjusted with a dial, stays stable thanks to the non-slip rubber feet, and can be rolled up and stored very small.

We recommend this cooktop with conviction, as we use it ourselves and have been selling it without any problems for over 25 years. The "Rommelsbacher" travel cooktop is made with honest German manufacturing and is not only sustainable but also top-quality compared to other cooktops.

We recommend this cooktop as the perfect solution for our small distillation units and table burners, as well as for use as an espresso cooktop or for taking it in your travel luggage, as well as in motorhomes or when camping. Thanks to its low power consumption of only 500 watts, it is also ideal for use with a 12-volt battery (with a voltage converter) in a mini-camper or with solar systems in holiday homes. You will love this small cooktop, just like we do.

The "Rommelsbacher" travel cooktop is excellently crafted and certainly a lifetime investment.

  • "Rommelsbacher" RK501 Travel Cooktop with 500 Watt power
  • Best German brand quality manufactured by Rommelsbacher in Dinkelsbühl
  • Ideal as an espresso cooktop, for distilling, cooking on the go, and keeping food warm
  • Continuously adjustable | Non-slip | Stainless steel | 90 cm cable with Euro plug | 8 cm cast iron cooktop
  • Powerful: Boils 1 liter of water in approximately 12 minutes
  • Suitable for all slim pots, kettles, and containers up to approximately 3 liters

<h2>Destillatio Warranty and Guarantee</h2> <p>In addition to the statutory warranty, Destillatio offers you a full two-year dealer warranty on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio Warranty Statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>"Rommelsbacher" RK 501 Travel Cooktop</h1> <ul> <li>High-quality mini cooktop made in Germany</li> <li>German brand quality from the Rommelsbacher factory</li> <li>Continuously adjustable with a rotary switch with 6 power settings</li> <li>"Rommelsbacher" since 1928</li> <li>Best quality "Made in Germany" | Manufactured in Dinkelsbu00fchl</li> <li>Extra small table, side, and travel cooktop</li> <li>Heating plate diameter = only 8 cm!</li> <li>Ideal for espresso pots, baby food, distilling, or cooking</li> <li>Dimensions: Diameter approx. 14 cm | Height: approx. 7.5 cm</li> <li>Weight approx. 750 grams</li> <li>Comes with Euro plug and approx. 90 cm cable</li> <li>Non-slip rubber feet for stability</li> <li>Integrated cable storage</li> <li>Color: Silver &amp; Black</li> <li>Housing material: Stainless steel</li> <li>WEEE number DE41406784</li> <li>Proud heating power of 500 watts = sufficient for heating up to 3 liters of water</li> <li>Heating up 1 liter of water to boiling point takes only about 12 minutes</li> <li>Proven best quality without any problems for years</li> <li>Perfect mini cooktop for registered-free distillation units with 0.5 and 2 liter stills</li> <li>Can be operated with a voltage converter in a motorhome or holiday home with solar power due to low power consumption</li> <li>Sustainable quality: Rommelsbacher cares about the climate and CO2 balance</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping from the center of Germany</li> <li>Delivered in the original packaging, neutrally packaged by us</li> <li>Based on our 25 years of experience with this cooktop, it is the best mini cooktop on the market</li> <li>We gladly recommend the 500-watt "Rommelsbacher" travel cooktop</li></ul>

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