"CopperGarden®" Copper Hot Water Bottle/Mini Heater

This copper water bottle is even suitable as a 360° room heater, for example when you fill it with hot water and place it in front of your bed. Copper radiates the heat evenly and directly after filling.

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 "CopperGarden®" Copper Hot Water Bottle

Newly redesigned copper hot water bottle with great function as a mini heater for campers, your desk or agianst cold feet. A multifunctional hot-water bottle, the likes of which you hardly ever find these days. We have rethought the hot water bottle, actually a relic from grandmother's times. A hot-water bottle like this one not only helps against tummy ache as it was used for ages ago already, it can also help save energy and warm up the bed, as it did in the past.

This mini heater can heat a small room or keep it warm. Do you have cold feet? Then simply place the bottle under your desk, put on socks and roll your feet back and forth. You will be amazed at how good this feels. Here, the round shape of the bottle also comes in handy to preheat your bed, have it cozy and warm and sleep safe and sound.

The bottle is ideal as a tent heater or in the mini camper. Simply place the bottle in front of your bed or under the table on the floor. The 360°degree radiant heat can be clearly felt and, like a radiator in the house, is sufficient to warm up small rooms and give a cosy feeling of space. Ideally, use a kettle on the gas burner to heat up the camper and then fill the bottle with hot water to maintain the temperature. When filled with boiling water, the bottle will stay hot enough to warm the room for up to 2 hours. Once the bottle has cooled down to below 40° degrees, then it is recommended to use the residual heat as with a normal hot water bottle to roll it around the bed and snuggle under the covers. Together with your own heat output of 70 watts and a good blanket/sleeping bag, you can comfortably get through any night, no matter how cold it is. With two people, it will even further amplify the heat to keep warm even in harsh environments.

The next morning it's best to start again by putting on hot water for hot water bottle and coffee and you can relax comfortably and warmly for the next few hours.

But watch out! The direct 360° heating effect is due to the thermal conductivity of the copper. If you fill it with boiling water, the bottle also immediately becomes 100 degrees hot! If you want to use the bottle traditionally as a hot water bottle, we recommend wrapping it in a blanket or heating the water only up to 40°C.

  • "CopperGarden®" 1.5 litre hot water bottle/mini heater made of copper
  • Temperature resistant up to over 230 °C = suitable for hot water (please do not touch hot copper directly, use protection)
  • 360° heat radiation | brass screw connection with stable eyelet for hanging up and transporting
  • A newly designed heater for energy saving in sustainable quality like from the good old days
  • Height: 33 cm, diameter: 9 cm
  • Temperature curve when filled with 1.1 litres of boiling water at an outside temperature of 15°C, 90°C after 5 minutes | 86°C after 15 minutes | 83° after 30 minutes | 80° after 45 minutes

<h2>"CopperGardenu00ae" Copper Hot Water Bottle / Camper Heater</h2> <ul> <li>Copper hot water bottle with direct temperature radiation</li> <li>1.5 litre capacity (we recommend the use with water)</li> <li>Also suitable for high temperatures (hot water).</li> <li>Gives off the temperature directly to the outside</li> <li>360u00b0 radiant heat for one hour</li> <li>Use as: Hot water bottle, under-desk heater, mini camper heater, foot heater, toilet heater, etc ...</li> <li>Temperature curve when filled with 1.1 litres of boiling water at an outside temperature of 15u00b0C,&nbsp;90u00b0C after 5 minutes | 86u00b0C after 15 minutes | 83u00b0 after 30 minutes | 80u00b0 after 45 minutes</li> <li>Sustainable production in European manufacture</li> <li>Pure materials: copper | brass | tin&nbsp;</li> <li>Brass screw connection with rubber seal</li> <li>Direct heat emission</li> <li>Water can be reused</li> <li>Beautiful appearance</li> <li>A heater like from former times</li> <li>Height: 33 cm, diameter: 9 cm</li> <li>Own weight: over 400 grams (436 grams weighed on the sample) - filled just under 2 kilos</li> <li>1.5 litre capacity</li> <li>Temperature resistant up to over 230 u00b0C (Can also be filled with oil!)</li> <li>Controlled CopperGarden brand quality</li> <li>Lead-free processing = food safe</li></ul>

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