"CopperGarden®" 2 Liter Column Still ESSENCE + Thermometer

Registrable-free in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Extremely versatile 2-liter column still for the distillation of hydrosols and essential oils. Can be used with or without a column. Best brand quality with original "Al-Ambik®" distillation thermometer made in Germany.

Note: We also offer the same still without a thermometer, as well as in a fully equipped "Worry-Free" set with all accessories for beginners.

Item number: T-3680
Product weight: 1830 g
Shipping Weight: 2200 g


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"CopperGarden®" 2 Liter Column Still "Essence +"

You'll quickly fall in love with this wonderfully versatile still from "CopperGarden®" Manufaktur. The "Essence" still is the pure essence distilled from all the knowledge accumulated over the past decades. It has been meticulously designed to meet the current legal requirements and optimized over the years to provide exceptional functionality. You'll receive a highly refined still, complete with a newly revised user manual, allowing both professionals and beginners to start distilling right away.

This still is the most versatile still you can find in the two-liter size. You have the option to distill directly from the boiler without the column, or use the column for steam distillation or spirit distillation. The proportions between the volume of water and the column are optimal. All tube diameters have been expanded and adjusted to ensure proper flow of steam and cooling water. It embodies the essence of all stills and is perfect for distilling your essences.

The still comes with a two-liter spherical boiler, a finely perforated aroma column, and a perfectly shaped distillation helmet with an attached swan neck vapor tube. The column is loosely attached to the boiler and can be easily removed and refilled or cleaned with a single grasp. This enhances the versatility of the Essence still significantly, as it can also be used as a simple alembic still, for example, for distilling rose petals. The distillation helmet fits both the column and the boiler.

With this still, you have thousands of possibilities at your disposal, which is why we highly recommend it for any hobbyist who takes their craft seriously and wants to explore the possibilities of distillation in depth.

Important Note: Since January 1, 2018, this still can be legally sold in Germany under the new alcohol tax law (just like any other still with a boiler capacity of up to 2 liters) without the need to register with the authorities. However, we explicitly state that this still is only intended for the distillation of distilled water, hydrosols, essential oils, aromas, fragrances, perfumes, fuels, foodstuffs, alchemical experiments, etc., or as a collectible. If you distill alcohol and are caught, you may be fined and your distillation equipment may be confiscated. In that case, we'd be happy to sell you a new still.


Why you should buy this column still from Destillatio:

  • You will receive the original ESSENCE still from "CopperGarden®" Manufaktur, specifically tailored to comply with the new alcohol tax law.
  • With the ESSENCE PLUS, we will mount the "Al-Ambik®" distillation thermometer, made in Germany, on the distillation helmet.
  • The delivery includes additional accessories such as two pieces of copper mesh for your safety and short sections of hose, so you can start distilling immediately.
  • We pay attention to detail, ensuring that the still is lead-free and vegan, without any animal products, and will be shipped to you in a carbon-neutral manner.
  • You will receive the best EU brand quality manufactured in Europe. We can assist with any questions and provide accessories and spare parts at any time.
  • The still is lovingly handcrafted for you with expertise. You will love using it for your distillation activities.
  • We deliver the PLUS version complete with thermometer, two fine aroma sieves, and a silicone hose.
  • You can download the user manual for the column in advance - a printed version will be included with your purchase.

<h1>Destillatio Warranty and Guarantee</h1> <p>In addition to the legal warranty, Destillatio offers you a two-year full dealer guarantee on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio Guarantee Statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>"CopperGardenu00ae" Still Column Distillery "ESSENCE plus"</h1> <ul> <li>Column still made of pure copper</li> <li>The "ESSENCE" still with the plus = with thermometer</li> <li>Wonderfully versatile distillation system for the production of flavors, hydrosols, and essential oils</li> <li>Delivery includes a pre-assembled "Al-Ambiku00ae" distillation thermometer made in Germany</li> <li>Best EU brand quality with European manufacturing</li> <li>We ensure: 100% lead-free and vegan production without any animal products</li> <li>Carbon-neutral shipping from the center of Germany near Bad Hersfeld</li> <li>Material: Pure copper with brass handles</li> <li>Dimensions: Height: 46 cm, Width: 32 cm, Depth: 16 cm</li> <li>Weight: 1,710 grams weighed on the sample. Shipping weight: 2,400 grams</li> <li>Cooler volume: 700 ml, Cooler bottom diameter: 90 mm</li> <li>Column body volume: 960 ml</li> <li>Boiler bottom diameter: 9 cm</li> <li>Boiler opening diameter: 9 cm</li> <li>Cooling water inlet diameter: 10 mm</li> <li>Cooling water outlet diameter: 12 mm</li> <li>Distillate outlet diameter: 10 mm</li> <li>Our recommended heating option: Rommelsbacher travel hot plate</li> <li>One of the most versatile stills of all time</li> <li>Can be used with or without the column</li> <li>You will love it</li></ul>

<h1>Distilling up to 2 liters of boiler capacity is not subject to reporting!</h1> <p>Thanks to the new German alcohol tax law (since January 1, 2018), we are allowed to sell this still to you freely and without any bureaucracy, and ship it to all countries within the EU as well as most other countries around the world.</p> <p><strong>Important to know:</strong> We must point out that in Germany and Switzerland, you are not allowed to distill alcohol. The still may be used without reporting for the distillation of water, hydrosols, aromas, natural remedies, cosmetics, essential oils, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. If you want to legally distill alcohol in Germany or Switzerland, you will need a commercial distilling permit.</p> <p>In Austria, you can also use this still for flavoring and distilling spirits from purchased (taxed) alcohol with various flavoring agents and legally distill gin, for example. However, it is also prohibited in Austria to distill alcohol from mash at home.</p> <p>Please familiarize yourself with the laws in your home country. If you distill spirits at home with this still, you would be considered an illegal distiller ("schwarzbrenner") and could face conviction for tax evasion equivalent to the amount of alcohol tax evaded. Additionally, the still could be confiscated. In that case, we are happy to sell you a new one.</p> <p>Thanks to the EU internal trade laws, we are able to ship this still without any registration as a regular package via GLS or DHL to all countries of the European Union. For shipments to countries outside the EU, we need to attach an invoice to the outside of the package for customs reasons, so that customs in your home country can correctly charge their taxes and fees. Please only place an order if you are allowed to own a still in your country.</p>

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