Antique Copper Serving Tray XXL = 75 - 80 cm diameter

Special item: This is an antique copper serving tray that is between 60 to 80 years old. It can be used as a serving tray or side table for food and drink or your decorations. The copper serving trays all come with different patterns

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Antique Copper Serving Tray XXL = 75 - 80 cm diameter

The serving trays all have unique and varying patterns and are more than 60 years old. Originally made in Turkey, these antique trays have been reworked and some of them received a new tin-lining.

The larger sizes can be used as a small side table for food, drink, or along with your favorite decorations in your living room. 

If you would like to purchase something very special and antique, those serving trays are for you! Only while stocks last! 

IMPORTANT: As all the trays have different patterns, they are randomly selected upon purchase. The condition the sieves are in is also not standardized due to their unique origin.  Some are tin-lined, some have copper shine through, others have been repaired with bronze or are patinized. If you would like to select your own serving tray, you can visit us in our Destillatio Store in the Rhoen Mountains. For online orders, the trays will be picked randomly. 


  • Bit antique copper serving tray (or side table),  ca. 75 to 80 cm diameter
  • At least 60 years old, tin-lined copper
  • Lager trays are suitable as side table
  • Only while stocks last

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