Iron stand / tripod 40 cm - for cooking & presentation

Sturdy, standing 3-leg iron stand for cooking and frying over an open fire - or for stylishly presenting an array of things.

Item number: E-3125
Product weight: 3150 g
Shipping Weight: 4400 g


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   This tripod iron stand is designed to stand safely over an open fire and also to bear the weight of a heavy pot or pan. In addition to that, this stand is perfectly suited for setting up a still in an elevated position, for presenting and using over an open fire.

   The stand comes from Spain originally and is used there for the large paella pans at family festivities and parties. A real party-paella is often cooked right on the beach, or some other pretty place, on an open fire. We ourselves use these forged stands to display the stills in our product range in our museum and showroom, and for cooking over an open fire, especially in winter with a brandy punch (Feuerzangenbowle) in a cauldron.

  • Sturdy iron stand 
  • 40 cm diameter
  • Tripod = always stable
  • Solid and indestructible 

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