"CopperGarden®" Paella Pan ø34 cm | Copper Tinned

Noble paella pan made of pure copper with a galvanic protective layer of 100% pure tin. Ideal heat transfer and beautiful to look at. Good size for 3 to 5 people. Also suitable for grilling and baking.

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"CopperGarden®" Paella Pan ø34 cm Copper

This stylish paella pan made of pure copper with a diameter of approximately 34 cm is generously sized to prepare and serve risotto, paella, or other rice dishes for 3 to 5 people directly at the table. Of course, you can also use this pan to prepare other fish, meat, and oven dishes. It's always a feast for the eyes.

This wonderful pan comes from a family-run manufacturing company in Portugal and is handcrafted from 2mm copper with a fine protective layer of pure tin applied galvanically. This combination brings out the best qualities of both materials. Thanks to the extremely high heat conductivity of copper, you can cook and fry precisely over the flame, while the coating allows you to use acidic foods, serve directly at the table, bake, or store in the pan until serving.

This copper pan is undoubtedly the best pan for perfect and delicious paellas and risottos, and you won't regret the purchase. Its elegant shape fits any table and adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. It is a sustainable investment that will bring you joy for many decades to come. If, at any point, you accidentally scratch the coating, the pan can be easily re-tinned by any copper smith.

  • CopperGarden® 34cm Paella Pan made of copper with a fine galvanic coating of 100% pure tin
  • With a 35cm outer diameter, this pan is generously sized to prepare and serve 3 to 5 portions
  • Best quality in 2mm copper with a weight of over 1,250 grams = a lifelong investment
  • Suitable for all types of stovetops (except induction), all foods, and all cooking methods (except roasting)
  • EU manufactured in Portugal | Made with love and expertise specifically for you. You will love this pan, just like we do.

<p>Regardless of the legal warranty, Destillatio offers a full two-year dealer warranty on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio warranty statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>CopperGarden u00f834 cm Copper Paella Pan</h1> <h2>Stylish copper pan with a fine protective layer of pure tin</h2> <ul> <li>34 cm copper paella pan with brass handles</li> <li>Very elegant pan for paella, risotto, and other rice and pan dishes</li> <li>Wide special pan available in various sizes up to 40 cm</li> <li>Perfect material mix for even temperature and long durability</li> <li>Copper conducts temperature optimally</li> <li>Tin protects the copper from acidity and oxidation</li> <li>The thermal conductivity of copper remains intact!</li> <li>Brass: Rust-free and temperature resistant</li> <li>Galvanically coated with 100% pure tin</li> <li>Outer diameter: approximately u00f835 cm</li> <li>Inner diameter: approximately u00f834 cm</li> <li>Base diameter: approximately u00f831 cm</li> <li>Weight: Over 1.25 kilos (Weighed on a sample, 1,278 grams)</li> <li>Height: approximately 3.3 cm without handles | 5 cm with handles</li> <li>Width with handles: approximately 44.2 cm</li> <li>2-year manufacturer's warranty (Please refer to our warranty conditions)</li> <li>Recommended for 3 to 6 persons</li> <li>EU-manufactured product = Sustainable and fair</li> <li>Made in a Portuguese family-run business</li> <li>Vegan: This paella pan is made without animal products</li> <li>CO2-neutral delivery from our warehouse in central Germany</li> <li>Suitable for all stove types (except induction)</li> <li>Can also be used in the oven for gratin or as a grill pan</li> <li>Heat-resistant up to 240u00b0C (Do not heat empty!)</li> <li>Can be re-tinned if necessary in any copper workshop</li> <li>We recommend using the pan with wooden or plastic kitchen utensils</li></ul>

<h1>Copper pan with fine coating of pure tin</h1> <p>The pan is made of sturdy, almost indestructible copper and has been galvanized on the inside with a fine protective coating of pure tin. The fantastic heat conductivity of copper is maintained with the tin coating, allowing you to use the pan for all types of food and even serve or store cooked dishes directly on it.</p> <p>The pan is heat-resistant up to over 240 degrees Celsius and can be used on any stovetop (except induction). You can also cook excellently with the pan on a grill, campfire, or in an oven, but never heat the pan empty. Always add oil or water to the pan before heating.</p> <p>Please use wooden or plastic spoons and spatulas to avoid accidentally scratching the coating. Similarly, when washing the pan, consider the coating and only use soft sponges or cloths. We recommend soaking the pan in warm water and handwashing after use. You will see, it can even be enjoyable with such a beautiful pan. If you accidentally scratch the coating at some point, it can be inexpensively re-tinned at any copper smith. This makes it a sustainable investment for life, and you will have many decades of enjoyment with this pan, even with intense use.</p> <p>One thing is for sure: when it comes to making paella or risotto, it is the best pan you can get, and it looks great too.</p>

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