Set for measuring alcohol - 4 pieces

This 4-piece set contains everything you need to correctly measure the percentage of alcohol in your purchased or self-distilled alcohol.

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Set for measuring alcohol 4 pieces

We are asked again and again what one needs for correctly measuring the percentage of alcohol during distillation.  In order to make it easier for you, 
we have put together this attractively priced set, so that you are always right on target. 
The set contains everything you need for correctly measuring the percentage of alcohol. 

1 x hydrometer for measuring the alcohol content in wine or (filtered) mash 
1 x alcoholmeter 0-100 % vol (without thermometer) for measuring during distillation 
1 x alcoholmeter 30-60 % vol for exactly regulating the desired strength for drinking after distillation  
1 x 100ml graduated measuring glass 

Please note that there is no Oechslemeter contained in this set. If you want to make your own mash, then you need an Oechslemeter in order to 
measure the expected percent of alcohol on the basis of the total sugar content. 

Please note: The pictures do not show the current selection of top quality laboratory graduated measuring cylinders and original Al-Ambik® alcoholmeters which we supply.



  • Brand name equipment in excellent laboratory quality 
  • EU manufactured (Germany & Italy) 
  • Optimal, well-matched equipment 

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