Small Copper Spoon 12 cm

This small copper spoon can be used to apply incense or resin on charcoal tablets or simply to use it for cooking and stirring - depending entirely on your preferences. It also looks very decorative when leaving it next to your incense burner after applying the resin.

Item number: E-3781
Product weight: 10 g
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   Copper Spoon: Small copper spoon suitable to stir small amounts of food or to apply resin on charcoal tablets. Of course, you can multifunctionally use it depending on your preferences.

   It has a very decorative touch, too, due to the beautiful copper color. Simply leave it next to your incense burner after applying the resin or incense on the charcoal tablet. You can also use it to fill your incense burner with sand to prevent ashy leftovers from burning or darkening the bottom.

  • small copper spoon of 12 cm length
  • pure copper
  • antibacterial 

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