Reinforced stand 49 cm – suitable for 40cm gas burner

Extremely sturdy wrought iron stand for safely setting up and using heavy, filled cauldrons or stills – fits 40cm paella gas burner exactly.

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Product weight: 7600 g
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Reinforced stand – suitable for 40cm gas burner / paella burner  

   Iron stand: the fantastic, versatile Spanish paella gas burner has an excellent heating value and is perfectly suitable for cooking and distilling – but it was manufactured to support the weight of a paella pan! If you want to heat up a heavy, filled cauldron, the weight could easily be too much for a paella gas burner. A full pot weighs significantly more than a paella pan!  

   Because of this, we have proper, sturdy iron stands specially made in Spain, which can bear almost every weight! The stand is elaborately bent and solidly welded by hand – definitely an indestructible acquisition to last generations!  

   The stand which is offered here exactly matches the 40cm paella gas burner from Vaello, which we also supply in a set. The gas burner is hung under the iron ring in a special bracket and you can immediately begin to heat up heavy pots and cauldrons on it.

   We usually have smaller sizes up to 50cm for "normal" paella gas burners in stock in our warehouse. We can also forge a stand to match your desired burner, in combination with a large copper cauldron or still. When a set is ordered, we make sure that all the parts fit properly together and, if necessary, pieces are specially forged.

   Please note that only the stand is offered here and that the appropriate gas burner has to be ordered separately (if you want stand with gas burner). The stands are coated with a protective lacquer (usually in black). Unfortunately, the stands are extremely large and cannot be sent by normal post. Depending on the size, please order the appropriate gas burner for the stand separately – the 40cm paella gas burner from Vaello fits this stand exactly

  • Reinforced iron stand
  • Fits 40cm Vaello gas burner exactly 
  • Very heavy model 
  • Elaborate hand craftsmanship
  • Best European blacksmith´s quality

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