"CopperGarden®" "Alquitara" still 3 liters (essential oils)

Excellent distillation equipment for production of essential oils and herbal distillates in the 3 liter size

Item number: E-0018
Product weight: 2200 g
Shipping Weight: 4600 g


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CopperGarden "Alquitara" still 3 liters (essential oils)


Alquitara still for the production of essential oils! This wonderfully simple and, at the same time versatile still consists of the divided boiler with about 3 liters capacity and a top-mounted condenser. The top of the boiler can be opened to insert a sieve for aroma distillation.

   Three aroma sieves are fitted into the boiler for layering the plant material for the distillation of essential oils. Hand-forged craftsmanship from the CopperGarden® forge and perfectly suitable for producing essential oils

   The alquitara still is made completely out of copper and is the best choice for the distillation of essential oils, because the vapor only has to travel a short distance – the vapor can transport the valuable oils unimpeded to the condenser.

The head is fitted with a second removable copper sieve, so the still can be completely filled to the top with herbs. This guarantees maximum efficiency, because the whole vapour chamber can be filled with plant material. A third soldered sieve prevents the herbs from being transported with the vapour into the condenser. A masterpiece built according to the latest know-how and is the best far and wide for distilling essential oils.

   Important information:

Distillation is strictly regulated or even forbidden in some countries. Please inform yourself and pay attention to the regulations in your country. We can ship worldwide, but we cannot check if you are allowed to own a still. Shipping within the EU is completely unrestricted. For shipping to countries outside the EU we have to affix the invoice and shipping list to the outside of the package. Up to now we have never had problems with the importation of our stills into other countries. 


  • Essential oils still alquitara
  • Width approx. 270 mm, depth approx. 220 mm, height approx. 360 mm
  • Boiler volume approx. 3000 ml, boiler circumference: 690 mm
  • Copper weight: approx. 1.600 grams, shipping weight: 2500 grams,
  • EAN: 4260195310018, plain hammered copper   

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