Folded Filter, 32 cm, fine-pored

Fine-pored folded filter for liqueur and spirits ❀ 32 cm diameter ❀ Fine pores for fast filtration ❀ Optimal to use with activated carbon.

Item number: E-2470
Product weight: 6 g
Shipping Weight: 200 g


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Folded filter for liqueur and fine spirits

With this fine-pore filter, you can professionally filter your distillates. If you rinse the filter with pure alcohol or distilled water and therefore reuse it several times. Ideal for filtering your spirits after activated carbon treatment.

This folded filter is adapted to all funnels of less than 26cm diameter.

  • Large filtering surface
  • Fine pores, stable and resistant to alcohol
  • Diameter: 32 cm
  • Can be used with our copper funnels
  • Nominal value of fine particle retention of 7-12µm

<ul> <li>Large filtering surface</li> <li>Fine pores</li> <li>Stable and resistant to alcohol</li> <li>Diameter: 32 cm</li> <li>Can be used with our copper funnels</li> <li>Nominal value of fine particle retention of 7-12u00b5m</li></ul>

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