"MoonshinersChoice®" activated carbon 1 kilo

You can add this excellent activated carbon directly to your wine or distillates. After a short time the flavor becomes noticeably more pleasant and milder. Undesirable flavors are reliably removed.

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MoonshinersChoice® activated carbon 1 kilo

Activated carbon is used to eliminate color and flavor imperfections in wine, cider or spirits. The carbon is simply added to the liquid and filtered off after a short time of working. Unpleasant flavours are thus removed, the alcohol clarified and a smooth, rounded flavor is achieved which contributes to a high quality in the flavor.

Example of use:

Add 2 to 5 grams to each liter - allow to work 12 to 24 hours and then filter off

Add 1 to 3 grams to each liter, maximum 10 grams allowed - allow to work 1 to 3 days then filter off 

Add 5 to 10 grams maximum per liter - allow to stand not longer than start of fermentation lassen

  • Uncomplicated to use
  • Very effective 
  • 1 kilo with instructions for use

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