"Vaello" Set: gas burner 30 cm, stand and paella pan

Home-made paella? We can supply you with a complete paella set with gas burner, stand and paella pan packed in a practical box with a carry handle.

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Home-made paella? We can supply you with an original Vaello paella set from Spain, with gas burner, stand and paella pan practically packaged in a box with carry handle. Deliveries within Germany are complete with the appropriate screw thread for connecting the DIN standard gas hoses. 

The complete paella set for double convenience. You can fry and cook on the two-ring burner even using other cooking utensils than the included 46 cm paella pan. The burner is tailor-made for all parties or barbecuing - or as we use it, for heating large distillation equipment. Thanks to the high stand and the accompanying paella pan you can also cook a real Spanish paella wherever and whenever you want to. Of course, you can also fry, barbeque and cook all kinds of other things - not only paella!

Our offer here is the larger version which has a single-ring burner of 30 cm in diameter and a matching paella pan with a 36 cm diameter, for a maximum of 6 people.

Some of the pictures were taken of our team cooking a winter paella!


  • two gas burner versions available: threaded screw connection (R 3/4'') or clip-on connection
  • Vaello paella set 30 cm
  • Includes 30 cm gas ring burner, With 36 cm paella pan
  • Sufficient for up to 6 people, Delivery in sturdy carry box
  • for outdoor use

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