"CopperGarden®" Alembic Still | 2 Liters

2 Liter Alembic Still for homemade spirits and liqueurs | Also suitable for producing hydrosols and essential oils (rose water!) directly from the kettle | Handcrafted with love and expertise for you | European manufacture

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"CopperGarden®" Distillation Alembic 2 Liters

The Alembic from CopperGarden® is a true classic with 500 years of history. Like the great alembic distilleries, the 2-liter version consists of three parts: the still pot with just over 2 liters capacity, the swan neck condenser (distillation helmet, ascending and descending tube), and the screw-on cooling vessel with integrated cooling coil.

The carefully handcrafted distillery made of polished copper impresses not only with its appearance but above all with its functionality. The CopperGarden Model 2023 comes with a welded still pot and elaborately widened brass safety screws.

This alembic still is perfect for the production of essential oils and hydrosols directly from the still pot (rose water!) as well as for aromatic high-quality brandies and various spirits. The traditional design allows for gentle and gentle distillation, preserving the full aroma and active ingredients of the starting materials. Thanks to its compact size and safe handling, it is also ideal for beginners in the field of distillation.

This mini distillery is a handmade quality product from the CopperGarden® workshop, which is known throughout Europe for its high-quality functional copper products. The careful craftsmanship and robust materials promise a long service life and sustainable use. With this still, you bring a piece of tradition and craftsmanship into your own home.

Experience the true art of distillation with this original alembic. You won't regret it.

  • "CopperGarden®" 2 Liter Alembic Distill included, made of polished copper with brass handles and fittings
  • Model 2023 featuring exquisitely crafted boiler and conically tapered safety spirit tube with extra-large fittings
  • For distilling plant materials or alcohol directly from the boiler (Please observe the laws in your country)
  • Lovingly handcrafted in the European Union for you | Material: Polished copper shaped by hand
  • Please note the high-quality features such as the extended conical transition from the condenser to the spirit tube
  • Since 2018, it's been register-free for the production of plant waters and essential oils

<h1>CopperGardenu00ae 2 Liter Alembic Still</h1> <ul> <li>Alembic still with a 2-liter boiler that does not require registration</li> <li>CopperGardenu00ae = Handcrafted in an EU workshop</li> <li>Newest 2022 model with intricately soldered boiler and widened fittings</li> <li>Designed for traditional distillation from the boiler</li> <li>Dimensions: Width approximately 430 mm, Depth approximately 170 mm, Height approximately 330 mm</li> <li>Boiler capacity approximately 2,000 ml</li> <li>Weight: approximately 1,250 grams</li> <li>Boiler base diameter: 11.5 cm</li> <li>Suitable for gas, spirit, gel, and electric heating plates</li> <li>Lovingly handcrafted in the EU</li> <li>Material: Polished copper with brass handles and fittings</li> <li>Manufacturing: Elaborately hammered and welded into shape</li> <li>Note the high quality, such as the wide conical transition from the condenser to the spirit outlet</li> <li>New 2023 model in compliance with alcohol tax laws</li> <li>Legal and non-reportable since January 1st, 2018 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.</li> <li>Cooling water inlet: 10 mm, Cooling water outlet: 12 mm, Distillate outlet: 8 mm</li> <li>Vegan production without animal products</li> <li>Sustainable: 85% recycled copper (conflict-free)</li> <li>100% lead-free construction</li> <li>EU manufacturing under fair EU conditions</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping directly from our warehouse in the Rhu00f6n region</li> <li>Crafted with love and expertise</li> <li>2-year extended warranty provided by us as the retailer (please refer to our warranty statement)</li></ul>

<h1>Notice on Alcohol Distillation</h1> <p>This 2 liter still can be legally sold in Germany without registration with the tax authorities, in accordance with the new German alcohol tax law as of January 1st, 2018. Please note that as a vendor, we must inform you that in Germany, this still is only allowed to be used for the distillation of distilled water, hydrosols, essential oils, flavors, fragrances, perfumes, fuels, foodstuffs, alchemical experiments, etc., or as a collectible item.</p> <p>If you are caught distilling alcohol with this still in Germany, you may expect a fine and confiscation of the distillation equipment. We will be happy to sell you a new still in that case.</p> <p>Please inform yourself and comply with the laws of your home country. We are allowed to ship this still from central Germany to all countries without reporting it to our tax authorities. For shipments outside the EU, we are required to attach an invoice to the package, and you will need to pay customs duties. Whether you need to register the still with your local alcohol authority in your home country is something we unfortunately do not know.</p> <p>In Switzerland, you are allowed to own non-reportable stills with a maximum capacity of 3 liters, and in Austria, stills with a maximum capacity of two liters. In Austria, you are also allowed to produce alcohol spirits such as gin at home.</p>

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