Cobalt Blue Bottle 5 ml with DIN 18 Thread & Lid

5 ml capacity, small cobalt blue bottle complete with lid and dropper - ideal for essential oils and other liquid treasures.

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Blue glass bottle 5 ml with DIN18 thread, lid and dropper

This robust and at the same time very practical blue glass bottle protects your precious essential oils and perfumes in a special way. On the one hand, of course, because of the colour. The special cobalt blue only lets a little light into the interior, but at the same time offers the possibility to see the contents and thus to be able to check the filling quantity, for example. Your essential oils will last longer due to the high light protection. 

Otherwise, blue is the friendlier colour compared to the otherwise often used amber glass bottles. As a colour, blue has a calming effect, like a walk under the open sky, and therefore fits very well, both in terms of effect and appearance, into all areas of natural cosmetics, natural medicine and natural perfume production. In combination with a golden spray top and a pretty label, the bottles can even be described as very appealing and noble.

Thanks to the high density of 2.5 grams per cc, the blue glass bottles we offer are very robust and also forgive occasional knocking over. Of course, the glass is food-safe, chemical resistant and dishwasher safe. We offer you these vials because we are convinced that they are the best you can find for your home-made treasures and because you can use them again and again for decades thanks to the high quality. Thanks to the DIN18 thread, all common lids, closures or nebulisers fit. Supplied complete with lid and drip set

  • Cobalt blue bottle with cap and dropper, 5 ml
  • With DIN18 thread and accessories
  • made in EU, high quality mineral glass
  • Perfect protection for your self-made essential oils or hydrosols
  • Ideal for storing essential oils, hydrosols and perfumes

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