"Baumalu" Copper Pan size L = 28 cm with wrought-iron handle

Baumalu copper pan with handle in size L with 28 cm diameter. Handforged pan with tin-lined interior. Sturdy and universally usable. A purchase for life!

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"Baumalu" Copper Pan size L = 28 cm with wrought-iron handle

This copper pan is perfectly suitable for all foods due to the tin-lined interior without losing the excellent heat conductivity that copper provides. Even acidic foods are no problem - no special handling required. The tin lining protects the copper and can be renewed easily. A purchase for many generations. 

The best material for hobby and commercial use!

  • Baumalu® copper pan, tin-lined by hand, with long handle made of wrought-iron
  • Sturdy quality, food-safe tin lining, antibacterial 
  • Size L = Diameter: 28 cm - Depth: ca. 3.8 cm 
  • Also suitable for making eggs, pancakes and tortillas thanks to the non-stick coating
  • Tin lining can be renewed, a purchase for generations

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