"Baumalu" Casserole 20 cm / 3 litres, tin-lined - sturdy quality

Easy to handle casserole in best quality. Suitable for all heat sources (except induction). Made in France by Baumalu.

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"Baumalu" Casserole 20 cm / 3 litres, tin-lined - sturdy quality

This casserole is a fine tool in the kitchen that will give you much joy. You can make perfect sauces, stews and many other delicious dishes. It also allows for fast browning, a truly versatile copper pot. Easy so manage due to the long handle made of wrought-iron.  

Not only is this pot ideal for cooking, but at the same time it is a real eyecatcher that can be used to directly serve meals on the table. Your guests will be positively surprised. 

Important to know: The casserole is high quality, especially with the wrought-iron handle that makes it easy to use while cooking.  It is made of reinforced copper with non-stick coating inside the pot (100 % food-safe tin lining). A purchase for a lifetime and guaranteed fun in the kitchen due to the best heat conductivity properties of copper.  


  • "Baumalu" 3 litre casserole made of copper with wrought-iron handle 
  • Best quality made in France, suitable for all heat sources (except induction)
  • food-safe tin lining, acid-proof, non-stick 
  • Tin-lined for safe cooking with acidic foods and best heat conductivity properties of copper combined in one pot
  • A purchase for a lifetime

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