"CopperGarden®" Spare Part Base ø17.5 cm | For ø27 cm AURA Pot

"CopperGarden®" Spare Part Base ø17.5 cm | For ø27 cm AURA Pot

Note: Here we offer the fire base for the 27 cm AURA pot with a diameter of 17.5 cm. We also offer the same part but slightly smaller for the 24 cm AURA pot.

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Product weight: 137 g
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"CopperGarden®" Spare Part Base ø17.5 cm | For ø27 cm AURA Pot

The base of the AURA pot is an important and usually indestructible component, as it prevents burning in the pot when heated over a gas flame. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be misplaced, so we offer this piece as a spare part. You may also want to have a second attachment, as with the AURA pot, you can attach the attachment on top and use the AURA as a Mongolian fire pot.

By the way, the attachment also fits other pots. Copper distributes temperatures better. Perhaps you want to improve your pot with this spare part.


Why you should buy this fire base from Destillatio:

  • You can only get the original "CopperGarden®" base for the AURA27 as a replacement or accessory from us.
  • With this base, you can also upgrade your AURA to a "Mongolian fire pot".
  • This base also fits other camping stoves. Please pay attention to the dimensions.
  • Handcrafted camping stove made with great care, with a food-safe non-stick coating made of 100% tin
  • Fast shipping from the center of Germany

<p>Regardless of the statutory warranty, Destillatio offers you a full two-year dealer's guarantee on this wonderful item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio Guarantee Statement</strong>.</p>

<h1>"CopperGardenu00ae" Spare Part Spacer for the AURA27 Camping Pot</h1> <ul> <li>Spacer for the 27 cm Aura camping pot</li> <li>Fire top with a diameter of 17.5 cm</li> <li>Handcrafted from pure copper and coated with tin</li> <li>Function: Spacer for the Aura pot to prevent burning</li> <li>Pure and healthy materials: copper and tin</li> <li>External diameter: cm</li> <li>Internal diameter of the chimney: mm</li> <li>Height: cm</li> <li>Weight: grams, weighed on the sample</li> <li>Material: Copper (heat resistant up to 1,000u00b0C)</li> <li>Coating: 100% pure tin (heat resistant up to 242u00b0C)</li> <li>Handcrafted production - honest craftsmanship</li> <li>EU brand quality from the "CopperGardenu00ae" forge</li> <li>Designed, tested, and approved with great care and passion</li> <li>Highly versatile for baking and cooking</li> <li>Pure and healthy materials: copper, tin, and iron (protected with lacquer)</li> <li>Vegan production without any animal products</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping from the center of Germany (in the Rhu00f6n region)</li> <li>Lovingly handcrafted (European artisanal production)</li></ul>

<h1>What to consider when baking with the CopperGardenu00ae Aura camping pot?</h1> <p>Thank you for your interest in our wonderful Aura camping pot. It is a very sustainably produced and durable product that is sure to bring you a lot of joy. However, there are a few things you should know and consider when using it.</p> <p>1.) Copper conducts heat better than any other material. This is one of the great advantages of copper and also leads to the best results with the Aura pot. However, you should also be aware that the pot can get very hot. Please use oven mitts, cotton or felt towels, silicone or cork, and wood as trivets or for handling the pot.</p> <p><strong>Important to know:</strong> The heat-resistant iron handles retain heat longer than the copper and can remain very hot for quite some time after use.</p> <p>2.) Copper is very temperature resistant, but pure tin, which is the non-stick coating, can melt at 242u00b0C. As long as you have completely filled the pot with dough, casserole, or something semi-liquid, the temperature should not rise too high. The contents of the baking dish will keep the temperature in check. However, when baking bread rolls, for example, it may expose large areas of copper, which can heat up significantly higher. In this case, we usually recommend starting with high heat for a short period of time and then reducing the flame to the lowest setting within two minutes.</p> <p>Pro tip: Placing a dish of hot water in the oven helps to create crispy bread rolls and can also slightly cool the pot by evaporation.</p> <p><strong>Important to know:</strong> Tin is completely safe for health! Even if you were to eat it, your body would not absorb it and would simply excrete it. However, if you overheat your Aura pot, the tin can melt and change its color and structure. It melts, but also immediately adheres to the copper again. The altered surface is not a disadvantage because the wonderful non-stick properties of the tin remain intact. Copper and tin are very high-quality metals, and once you understand their interaction, you can work wonders in the kitchen.</p> <p>3.) We always recommend making sure that the pot sits on the spacer. It prevents excessive internal and bottom temperatures, ensures more even heat distribution, and prevents burning on the inside. Ideally, a gas flame should initially heat up at full power to create intense heat from above, while in continuous operation, it is better to reduce the flame to the lowest setting so that the flame primarily heats the chimney in the middle of the pot. This ensures a nice browned surface on the top as well.</p> <p>Tip: Keep the lid on, as each time you open it, you lose the top heat while the bottom temperature remains high. It is best to be patient until the end of the baking time and only open it at the very end. After a few rounds of baking, you will develop a good feel for the internal temperature and be able to handle the Aura pot perfectly and bake wonderful things.</p> <p>If you like, you can insert the probe of a digital cooking thermometer through the top holes to measure the temperatures inside (at the top).</p> <p>No matter what you bake, we wish you lots of fun.</p>

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