"CopperGarden®" Column still 0.5L electric 500W with water pump accessory Set

New 2016 design: small column distillation apparatus. Pot still, exclusively forged for us, with a 220V electric plate, made in Germany.

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"CopperGarden®" Column still 0.5L electric 500W with accessory Set with water pump 

This small column still is a masterpiece of superb quality. We gathered knowledge from our own past experiences and transmitted it to our craftsmen. With this mini-distillery, we’re offering you an ingenious still, built with the latest know-how. This version is delivered complete with its steel support, a 220 volt electric plate, made in Germany.
We recommend this still, of course, to make your own alcohol or hydrosols. However, it can also be used for distilling brandy or other fruit spirits. You’ll love using this pot still to transform your beer or wine into whiskey or brandy. A masterpiece of exceptional quality, hand-forged by craftsmen. The very best for your distillates.
Please note : The photos illustrating this article vary from the actual composition – the electric plate is made by a different brand.

  • New! "CopperGarden®" column still with a boiler capacity of 0.5 litres.
  • Solid copper forged by craftsmen
  •  Electric distillation apparatus set with an 8cm electric plate (500W) by Rommelsbacher 
  • Ideal for Brandy, fruit spirits, beer distillation and Whiskey, essential oils & hydrosols
  • Fully equipped with electric plate.
  •  Accessory Set with water pump 

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