CopperGarden® Alquitara "Plus" 2 L- for essential oils

Unique product enhancement of our already very successful Alquitaras for essential oils. This model "Roman Puehringer" comes with column and additional condenser (Liebig condenser) for more efficient cooling and therefore higher yield of essential oils.

Item number: T-0108
Product weight: 2700 g
Shipping Weight: 3800 g


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The Alquitara "Plus" is a product enhancement of the "Alquitara for essential oils" and is outfitted with two condensers for more efficient cooling during distillation. 

Thanks to the numerous experiments of Roman Puehringer this enhancement was made possible and we can finally present the Alquitara "Plus" to you. This copper still is currently the most efficient still on the market for producing essential oils and guarantees a higher yield of essential oils.

The Alquitara "Plus" has a larger steam room which allows to fit more plant material inside. This still is actually a mix of  the alquitara and the column still and combines the advantages of both models. That' not all! The head of the Alquitara "Plus" has been handcrafted differently and now allows for easier cleaning. This is also guaranteed by the tin-lined interior. The overall enhancements have proven to produce a better oil quality and yield.


  • Alquitara "Plus" 2 L for essential oils
  • with column and additional condenser (Liebig condenser)
  • enhanced cooling system, still head with tin-lined interior for easy cleaning


<p>&lt;ul&gt;<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>&lt;li&gt;Alquitara "Plus" 2 L for essential oils&lt;/li&gt;<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>&lt;li&gt;with column and additional condenser (Liebig condenser)&lt;/li&gt;<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>&lt;li&gt;enhanced cooling system,&amp;nbsp;still head with tin-lined interior&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;easy cleaning&lt;/li&gt;<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>&lt;li&gt;Measurements:&amp;nbsp;Weight = 2,7 kg; Height = 60 cm; u00d8 20 cm; Width with Liebig condenser&amp;nbsp;= 60 cm&lt;/li&gt;<span style="white-space:pre"> </span></p>

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