"Ferrari" air lock, fermentation lock, S-shape

Reasonably priced fermentation lock reliably prevents bacteria and undesired yeast entering your mash. Ideally suitable for all types of fruit mash up to 60 liters.

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Air lock / fermentation lock "ECO"

   Reasonably priced fermentation lock ECO: This simple, 1-piece fermentation lock made of food-safe and alcohol-proof plastic with cap is indispensible for hygienic fermentation. This air lock prevents (just like the somewhat more expensive 2-part models) the penetration of bacteria, microbes and undesired yeast into your mash and the resulting contamination.

   In addition to that, you can better control fermentation with an air lock and pinpoint the end of fermentation by the rising gasses and the typical bubbling. This ECO air lock is adequately sized for all hobby fermentation containers of up to 60 liters mash or wine, and for fermentation with selected yeast or „normal“ yeast. If you ferment with turbo yeast you should use a larger, 2-part air lock because of the vigorous fermentation.   

   We recommend the appropriate rubber stopper or fermentation cap with a hole for fitting the air lock onto your carboy or mash container. For this fermentation lock you need a 10mm hole. You can also drill a hole in your fermentation container, insert the air lock and seal around it with silicone.

  • Air lock, fermentation lock 
  • Re-usable
  • For up to 60 liters mash 
  • Important for reliable fermentation
  • Food-safe plastic 

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