Glass carboy / demijohn with protective basket, 54 L - for storage and fermentation

Extra large and sturdy glass carboy, easy to clean and exactly the right thing for making your own wine.

Item number: E-8878
Product weight: 8200 g
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Glass carboy with protective basket, 54 liters 

This large and solid 54 liter glass carboy is suitable for fermenting and storing juice, must or wine made form fruit or grapes. The optimal size makes it easy for the serious hobby wine maker to handle.

Due to the thick glass and the additional protective basket  the carboy is an extremely sturdy, stable and safe acquisition for gererations to come.

We supply all sorts of air-locks, corks and rubber caps - and if you want to ferment something, we also have a large selection of special yeasts and measuring instruments for alcohol distillation.  

  • Ideal for storage & fermentation of your own drinks 
  • Extra stable due to protective plastic basket 
  • EU quality from Italy 
  • Ideal for recreational use for mashing
  • 54 liter volume

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