Al-Ambik® lactic acid for must 80% 250g

" Al-Ambik®" lactic acid for must is ideal for acidifying and regulating the pH values of your must. As opposed to lemon or other acids, lactic acid remains stable during fermentation and is retained in the mash.

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Al-Ambik® lactic acid for must 80% 250g

Lactic acid for must 80% 250g in plastic bottle. Lactic acid for must is biologically produced by means of certain enzymes and is not, as opposed to other acids, broken down in the mash. Lactic acid for must adjusts the right acid content of your mash or wine. Many kinds of fruits are not acid enough for proper fermentation, therefore the appropriate amount of acid has to be added. Lactic acid can also be added for enhancing the flavor, for increasing shelf life, and for particularly good fermentation. 

The required amount is maximum 3,75 g per liter. A bottle is enough for 66 to 250 liters, depending on the desired level of acidity. Well tolerated, but overdosage should be avoided because of flavor.


  • Fermentation-stable acid for wine and mash 
  • Acid is retained during fermentation
  • For up to 250 liters  
  • Also for enhancing the flavor in wine




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