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Al-Ambik® Oechslemeter / must scale with thermometer & scale

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Ingenious: at last an Oechslemeter with a scale which shows the expected alcohol content. Measurement accuracy due to the integrated thermometer and colored corrector scale.

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Al-Ambik® Oechslemeter with thermometer & scale

Ingenious idea: an Oechslemeter with an integrated thermometer and an additional scale for immediately reading the expected alcohol content. Due to this combination you do not have to search for impractical tables in books, but can read the sugar content directly on the Oechslemeter and see how high the expected alcohol content could be, without tedious calculations.   .

Premium quality Oechslemeter, named after Ferdinand Öchsle, has a thermometer and colored markings on the scale.   

Suitable for must and mash. In addition to that, we recommend using a 250 ml graduated measuring glass.  



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