"CopperGarden®" still Arabia 10L & thermometer

Schnapps distillation in convenient 10 liter size for highly aromatic fruit and fine spirits - ideal for traditional double distillation.

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Product weight: 4500 g
Shipping Weight: 5000 g


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"CopperGarden®" still Arabia 10L & thermometer

Traditional schnapps distillation - thanks to the wide head with the collection channel, this still allows you to carry over a lot of the aroma from the mash into the distillate.  We particularly recommend this Arabia still for schnapps distillation, especially when you would like to distil twice in the traditional way. You obtain about a 25% raw spirit which contains all the aroma from the original mash from the first run - only in the second run do you refine the fine spirit enough that you obtain 50 to 60% proof alcohol. Ideal for all fruit brandy and fine spirits which you can lovingly and traditionally distil. 


   The Arabia still consists of the 10 liter capacity boiler, the wide head with the special integrated collection channel (so that the distillate partially condenses on the head), the sideways, descending swan neck and a worm condenser in a copper cauldron with cool warer intake and drain.


   All in all, a very nice still which distills highly aromatic distillates. The version with the built-in "Al-Ambik®" thermometer is definitely recommended for schnapps distillation. Nevertheless, this fine still is also suitable for the production of herbal distillates and, with some talent for improvisation, even for steam distillation of flavored spirits or steam dragging for essential oils.


Important information:

Distillation is strictly regulated or even forbidden in some countries. Please inform yourself and pay attention to the regulations in your country. We can ship worldwide, but we cannot check if you are allowed to own a still. Shipping within the EU is completely unrestricted. For shipping to countries outside the EU we have to affix the invoice and shipping list to the outside of the package. Up to now we have never had problems with the importation of our stills into other countries. 


  • Arabia 10 liter still / schnapps distillation
  • Width approx. 700 mm, depth approx. 270 mm, height approx. 550 mm
  • Total volume boiler approx. 10 L, circumference boiler: 860 mm, bottom 200 mm
  • Copper weight: approx. 4.400 grams, shipping weight: 4.900 grams
  • Material: plain copper, hammered
  • With distillation thermometer - ideal for schnapps distillation 


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