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Arabia 2L Alembic still, with burner and steam sieve - "CopperGarden®"

Table still for easy distillation. Appropriate for making whiskey, brandy and hydrolates. Economical recreational model.

Item No.: E-1428

Shipping weight: 3500 g

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"CopperGarden®" Arabia 2L  Alembic still, with burner and steam-distilling sieve tray 

This versatile compact copper pot still, ideal for hobby distilling, comes with a sieve, suitable for the steam distillation of beverages and essential oils. You can flavour your spirits with spices to obtain composed alcohols such as gin (with juniper), ouzo (anise and caraway ) etc.

An economical table still with an Arabic design. The copper pot and its forged iron support rest on a solid wooden base. It is delivered complete, with the pot and condenser with spout, an steam sieve, a small copper cup to receive the distillate and our 16-page guidebook in English .

This Arabia Alembic still is appropriate for beginners.


  • Dimensions: 
    width: approx. 347 mm
    depth: approx. 175 mm
  • Total volume of the pot: 2000 ml 
  • Weight of the copper apparatus: approx. 1450 g 
  • Total weight : 1990 g
  •  "CopperGarden®" 2L Arabia still made of copper and forged iron with a wooden base.
  • Usage: to make essential oils, flavour spirits, distil wine, beer and wort. For expositions, presentations and decoration.


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