"CopperGarden®" hand-forged Alembic still 0.5 litre

Hand-forged copper still for distillation of schnapps. Top-quality still for getting started in a wonderful, new hobby – practical 0,5 liter size.

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"CopperGarden®" hand-forged Alembic still 0.5 litre

This original Alembic still (schnapps distillation) was individually forged by a master craftsman in the CopperGarden® forge. It conforms to the large models in every detail, which are used even today for the distillation of aromatic alcohol – especially for schnapps distilling, as well as brandy and whisky.  

   You receive an original hand-forged Alembic schnapps still in solid copper quality. This still complies with all standards. You can distil whatever you want to with this equipment. We can show you how to do it and supply every still with a 16-page leaflet with instructions for use and care.

    Original, compact, hand-forged still in the best quality. An “indestructible” purchase to last for generations! 

Important information:

Distillation is strictly regulated or even forbidden in some countries. Please inform yourself and pay attention to the regulations in your country. We can ship worldwide, but we cannot check if you are allowed to own a still. Shipping within the EU is completely unrestricted. For shipping to countries outside the EU we have to affix the invoice and shipping list to the outside of the package. Up to now we have never had problems with the importation of our stills into other countries. 


  • Three-part traditional Alembic still 
  • Hand-forged from heavy copper
  • With cool water overflow – brass handles on boiler
  • Boiler created from one piece (no soldered joints / seals)
  • Volume 500 ml, width approx. 290 mm, height approx. 220 mm, depth approx. 120 mm

<ul> <li> Length: ca. 22 cm</li> <li> Height: ca. 22 cm</li> <li> Depth: ca. 10 cm</li> <li> Material: Copper</li> <li> Holding capacity: ca. 500 ml</li> </ul>

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