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"Berk" Benzoin essential oils from Siam (Benzoe siam) - wild plants 5ml

"Berk" essential oils 100 % natural – Elaborated with wild plants.

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"Berk" Benzoin essential oils from Siam (Benzoe siam) - wild plants

This lovely, delicately fragranced essential oil is 100% pure and natural. It is produced exclusively with wild plants from the Siam region; the oils are gently extracted using alcohol. The quality of «Berk» essential oils is recognisable as soon as the little brown glass jar is unsealed. Whereas other manufacturers’ essential oils often resinify in the jar and barely diffuse their scent, «Berk» attaches great importance to the freshness of the ingredients used as well as the natural extraction process. 

As this quality essential oil is made of wild plants, it can safely be used for aromatherapy or to produce natural perfumes.

Benzoin from Siam is characterized by a combination of fragrances such as vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and smooth balsams. This sense-seducing essential oil releases beautiful and long-lasting fragrances and is also a subtle perfume fixative to reinforce other scents. A very much appreciated essential oil that we highly recommend. 



  • Siam Benzoin essential oils 100% natural 
  • 5ml in a brown glass jar with dropper cap
  • Gentle manufacturing process using alcohol
  • Berk = a great brand with high quality standards
  • Balsam fragrances with soft notes of vanilla and cinnamon as well as hints of chocolate


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