"Al-Ambik®" Raschig rings 100 g, Ceramic, 6 mm

Ceramic Raschig rings of 6 mm diameter – The ideal packing for fractional distillation. To reach higher alcohol concentration levels.

Item number: E-1817
Product weight: 100 g
Shipping Weight: 120 g


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"Al-Ambik®" Raschig rings 100 g, Ceramic, 6 mm

Raschig rings form random packing which is placed within column stills, or any other type of still with an aroma sieve basket, and allows greater efficiency during distillation.
The Raschig rings increase vapour pressure allowing it to more efficiently reach the condenser. Most of the steam condenses before and only the alcohol vapour reaches the condenser. A packed column allows obtaining over 85% alcohol. 


  • Raschig ceramic rings
  • Diametre : 6 mm
  • Packing for distillation
  • Bag of 100 g
  • Made by "Al-Ambik®" EU quality


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