Kitzinger European Winebook ❀ english version ❀ how to make wine

An advisory booklet for fruit drink making in the home by pharmacist Paul Arauner

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 Kitzinger European Winebook (English version)

   This informative booklet describes the making of fruit drinks in your own home. It is perfect for those interested in fruitgrowing and/or seeking a new leisure occupation. In preparing your own fruit drinks you get interesting insights into natural processes and a deeper understanding of beverages. Plus, using fruit which might otherwise spoil and go to waste can be transformed into tasty wine and be presented to family and friends.

   The compact booklet of 68 pages contains detailed information on home winemaking as well as being one of the best-selling wine books in over 30 years with over 680,000 copies.


  • Kitzinger European Winebook
  • small 68-page winebook 
  • Edition 1973/74
  • Language: English

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