Cocktail Pestle | 22 cm long made from beechwood | EU Manufacture

A 22 cm long cocktail and spice pestle made of fine beechwood and just the thing for the next caipirinha or mojito at home. Sustainable production in the EU from Slovenian family business.

Item number: U-6096
Product weight: 75 g
Shipping Weight: 175 g


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Cocktail pestle made of fine beech wood

Practical cocktail pestle made of beechwood. We like the pestle because it fits very well into our hands and thanks to its professional processing can also be easily cleaned again. Ideal accessory to "mash" mint, lime, lemon, etc directly in the glass, copper mug or shaker. The typical name Caiprinha pestle shows what it is usually used for. For delicious fresh mojitos or caiprinhas on hot days. 

We use the pestle much more often and it has got a permanent place in the kitchen for crushing fresh spices and herbs. It can also crush incense and resins  and does it all extremely well and much faster than if you first have to look in your kitchen for suitable electric devices instead. Wood is naturally antibacterial, so its use in the kitchen and at the cocktail table is perfectly compatible. Thanks to the fine surface, hardly anything sticks to it and for cleaning, rinsing it with clear water or gently brushing it with a dish brush is usually sufficient.  

We recommend rubbing coconut, sunflower or linseed oil on it before first using it. Let it try well, and it's ready!

Note: The silver cocktail shaker on the pictures is not part of this offer and not included in delivery. It merely serves as size comparison. 

  • Cocktail pestle made of fine untreated beechwood
  • Very sustainable: EU manufacture from renewable raw materials
  • Does not give off any wood aromas to your cocktails - versatile use, also as a spice masher
  • Wood is antibacterial and extremely easy to clean

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