"CopperGarden®" 5 L copper cauldron/witches' cauldron, tin-lined

"CopperGarden®" handy tin-lined copper cauldron in the size of 5 L to use over an open flame, gas cookers and electric hotplates

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"CopperGarden®" copper kettle / witch kettle 5 L tin-plated

This rustic copper kettle was hand-forged for you with much love and hand-tinned from the inside with 100% pure tin. This means that this cauldron is even approved for cooking in the catering trade and can be used for the preparation of all expenses as well as for mulled wine or Feuerzangenbowle. Thanks to the renewable tin coating, the kettle is also suitable for preparing acidic food and drinks.

The kettle comes with a neatly incorporated wrought iron reinforcement and a handle so you can lift it comfortably and hang it safely over a fireplace or in a chimney.

Surprise your guests with something fancy and cook in real copper. Prepare delicious food in a traditional copper kettle - instead of barbecuing. You can place the kettle directly in the embers, but it should never hang empty over the fire because this could lead to material fatigue. As soon as you fry, boil, brew or bubble something, the kettle will serve you well and is guaranteed to give pleasure for generations.

Cooking in a copper kettle is a lot of fun. Give it a try!

Note: Please note that the pictures partly show other sizes or untinned versions.

  • Dimensions: H 19 cm, W 23 cm, diameter (top) 18 cm
  • Weight 3 kg; holding capacity: 5 L
  • lovingly handcrafted, sturdy copper material
  • food-safe tin-lining

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