"CopperGarden®" paella pan (20 cm) copper/tin-coating

Copper paella pan for up to 2 people, with tin-coated cooking surface, allows you to safely cook with acids, for example, lemon. Ideal for open fire, grills, gas stoves and ovens

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"CopperGarden®" paella pan (20 cm) copper/tin-coated

The pan is hand-made out  heavy copper and has a tin-coated cooking surface.

 This combination offers the best features of both materials. Due to the high heat conductivity of copper, you can evenly heat the large paella pan over smaller flames – and thanks to the tin-coated surface you can also cook with “acids”, like lemon.

 The perfect pan for all lovers of real paella – of course, you can also prepare all sorts of other dishes in this lovely, versatile copper pan.

Certainly a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

  • Paella pan made of pure copper with stainless tin-coated surface
  • 20 cm diameter
  • 2 years guarantee 
  • Ideal for open fire, grills, gas stoves and ovens

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