"CopperGarden®" Distillery Column Still 500 Liters

XL Column Still for steam distillation with 500 liter boiler. The second largest column still available for the distillation of pomace spirits (grappa / orujo / marc). Also suitable for spirit distillation and the distillation of essential oils and hydrosols.

Item number: E-2814
Product weight: 73000 g
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"CopperGarden®" Column Still 500 Liters

This is the king among stills. This versatile XL steam still with refillable aroma column delivers excellent results while being easy to use.

Examples of application: Filled with pomace, you can obtain an excellent pomace schnapps (grappa / marc / orujo). Or you can fill the column with plants of your choice and the boiler with water to extract the precious essential oils and hydrosols from your plants. By filling it with Raschig rings, stainless steel sheets, glass, or minerals, you increase the resistance to steam and can distill very pure and high-proof alcohol. This pure alcohol can be filled back into the boiler, and if you now fill the column with herbs or fruits, the still becomes a spirit distillery.

You have almost unlimited possibilities with this model that you won't find with any other. Of course, the entire aroma column can be easily removed with a few simple steps so that you can use the still like a regular alembic for the distillation of aromatic fruit and grain mash, thus producing genuine premium spirits...

... let your imagination run wild. Thanks to the removable column, this still is a true multitasker and undoubtedly the perfect still for any purpose.

  • "CopperGarden®" Column Still with 500 liter boiler and thermometer
  • Optimal still for all alcohol distillations (premium spirits, spirit distillation, and pomace)
  • Also ideal for distillation of essential oils and plant waters
  • Equipped with tilting frame for swinging the aroma column and with drain pipe on the boiler
  • Can be heated with gas and fire. Custom-made stands are possible
  • Note: The pictures show different sizes of the column still: we can supply from 0.5 to 600 liters

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<ul> <li>Maximum size for filling with plants</li> <li>Optimal for all alcohol distillations</li> <li>Also suitable for alternative fuels</li> <li>With tilting frame for the column</li> <li>Drain pipe on the welded boiler</li></ul>

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