"Prestige" XO Brandy Aroma 20 ml

Go for it and offer a brandy enhanced with these flavours!

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20 ml Prestige XO Brandy Essence

Aroma essence for 0.75 L of brandy. Unlike most brandy essences, this essence contains no alcohol but still yields a very tasty flavour. Transform any brandy (or even plain alcohol) into a mildly matured premium brandy in no time.

Contents: Natural flavours, glycerine, invertose, distilled water.

Preparation: Pour the contents of one vial into a bottle. Add 730 ml of alcohol that is as neutral in taste as possible (40 % vol. - possibly home-distilled with turbo yeast from sugar water) and mix the contents well. Then leave to rest for a few days.

Tip: If you often want to make alcoholic specialities, it is worth making the alcohol yourself as a basis for the Prestige flavours. We recommend using turbo yeast for this. With this you can prepare 25 litres of a 20% sugar mash from 6 kilos of sugar (dissolved in 19 litres of water) within 5 days. 

  • Brandy essence
  • sufficient for 750 ml of brandy
  • 20 ml bottle
  • contents: natural aromas, glycerin, invert sugar, distilled water  

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