Separation funnel / Essential oil separator, 100ml - "Hecht"

Separation funnel / Essential oil separator, 100ml - "Hecht", crucial for making essential oils.

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Separation funnel 100ml - "Hecht"

Essential oil separator

   Cone shaped glassware with a hemispherical end topped with ground glass neck and stopper. The bottom of the funnel has a narrow tube leading to a stopcock (tap). Controlled separation of the oily compound can be easily achieved by draining the hydrosols and closing the stopcock when the oil reaches the glass tube.

Duran laboratory glassware crucial for making essential oils. Made by the "Hecht" laboratory

  • Separation funnel of 100ml
  • Duran laboratory glassware
  • Standard taper joint
  • Glass stopper and stopcock (tap)
  • German quality made by "Hecht"

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<ul> <li>Separation funnel of 100ml</li> <li>Duran laboratory glassware</li> <li>Standard taper joint</li> <li>Glass stopper and stopcock (tap)</li> <li>German quality</li> <li>Made by "Hecht"</li> </ul>

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