"Hecht" 100ml oil separator | German laboratory quality

High-quality 100ml separating funnel of the best German laboratory quality by Hecht Assistent. This oil separator is ideal for collecting and cleanly separating essential oils from hydrosols during or after distillation.

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"Hecht" 100 ml Oil Separator | German Laboratory Quality

100 ml separating funnel of the highest laboratory quality, manufactured in Germany. This conically tapered separating funnel with a fine pointed tip is perfect for cleanly separating essential oil and hydrosol during or after distillation. Of course, it can also be used to separate all other liquids with different specific weights (such as oil and water) in the same way or precisely measure and fill into appropriate containers up to 100 ml.

An oil separator is an indispensable tool in the distillation of essential oils, with versatile applications in both laboratory and household settings. This "made in Germany" oil separator comes from our region, produced by the well-known laboratory equipment manufacturer "Hecht" under the brand name "Assistent", and is made of virtually indestructible borosilicate laboratory glass with high-quality glass stoppers and standardized ground joints.

Note: Due to its size, we recommend this separating funnel for all distillations with a slightly higher yield of essential oils between 5 and 100 ml. For smaller quantities, we recommend the "Hecht" safety pipette (0-20 ml) or the automatic oil separator from "Al-Ambik" (starting from 1 ml).

  • Hecht-Assistent 100 ml Laboratory Separating Funnel with standard ground joint and fine glass tap for perfect separation and measurement of your liquids
  • Sturdy oil separator made of nearly indestructible borosilicate laboratory glass with standard ground joint, stopper, and high-quality glass seal
  • Food-grade, acid- and alcohol-resistant, and ideal for producing essential oils with a still
  • Very easy to clean as it can be disassembled | Fast delivery (CO2 neutralized) from the center of Germany
  • Made in Germany: Precise (and regional) laboratory quality from the German laboratory equipment manufacturer "Hecht" in Mainsondheim in Rhön

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<h1>"Hecht-Assistent" 100ml Oil Separator</h1> <ul> <li>Practical oil separator for separating essential oils during distillation, commonly used in laboratory settings</li> <li>Regional: Made in Germany by Hecht, a manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Mainsondheim (Rhu00f6n)</li> <li>Best German brand quality with standard ground glass stopper and glass chicks</li> <li>Volume: 100ml up to the marking (approximately 120ml in total)</li> <li>Length: 26cm</li> <li>Diameter: 64mm</li> <li>Faucet diameter: 2.5mm</li> <li>Outer drain diameter: 9.5mm</li> <li>Weight: 128g (measured on the sample)</li> <li>Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3</li> <li>DIN ISO 4800, NS faucet with glass chicks, solid</li> <li>Made in Germany</li> <li>Fast CO2-neutral shipping from the center of Germany</li> <li>Ideal for separating essential oils during or after distillation</li></ul>

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