Jewelry: still-shaped pendant, 925 Sterling Silver, gold-plated

Lovely present: gold-plated, filigree-crafted mini stills as pendant for distillers.

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Jewelry still-shaped pendant, 925er Sterling Silver, gold-plated

   Still-shaped jewelry! New and specially made for us by a silversmith. Own up to being a distiller! Wonderful small still made of genuine 925 sterling silver. We confess to being distillers and wear our small still with pride. The small alembic stills are made just for us and are available only from us!  

   Do you like outstanding things? If so, then this iconic still-shaped jewelery is just the right piece for you.  

   These beautiful little stills are made of 925 sterling silver. This gold-plated version is gold-plated in double thickness of 2 micron, so that the plating is more durable and does not wear off in a few years. 14 carat gold (585) is used to obtain the necessary hardness. That means that the gold-plating of the pendant consists of 585 gold and 425 silver and copper (each 50%).

   The delivery includes a pendant (without chain or earrings) in a pretty presentation box. As an accessory we can offer a chain, since you might want to wear this delightful piece immediately.  

  • Still-shaped jewelry
  • 925er sterling silver
  • Double gold-plating (14 carat gold)
  • Perfect present - in presentation box

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