"Moonshiners Choice" French oak wood chips "Limousin" natural (40 g)

Light, natural wood chips from French limousin wood for flavoring clear spirits (e.g.: pear, mirabelle, apricot, etc.) when no strong change in color is desired.

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Product weight: 40 g
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"Moonshiners Choice" wood chips "Limousin" natural (40 g)

Not everyone can expertly store his self-distilled spirits in wooden barrels. If you add these chips to your self-made spirit, the aroma and color will change as if it was stored in limousine oak barrels. This is also true for small amounts, if you place the chips directly in the bottle.


Addition to mash: 40 g / 25 liter mash

Addition to finished distillate: 2-5 g per liter

  • Wood chips from light French oak wood 
  • Ingredients: lfood-safe oak chips from limousin oak  
  • Contents: 40 g for flavoring up to 20 liters alcohol  


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